Frightful Reads: The Art of Horror Comics

Awhile back I shared part of my vintage romance comic book collection near Valentine’s Day. With Halloween coming up, it seemed a fitting time to share part of my vintage horror comic book collection.

Text at the top reads "True Amazing Accounts of the Strangest Stories Ever Told Black Magic" And features an artists at a canvas, the skeleton face and hand of the Grim Reaper stands behind him guiding his hand. A woman looks on in horror from behind. The artist says via speech bubble "Why am I painting this horrible thing? What strange force is guiding my hand?" The woman screams out via speech bubble "Phil! It's maddening! A portrait of death!"

Text at the top reads "Do you dare enter...the House of Mystery" and the cover image features a red, demonic baby in a cradle sitting in the middle of a pentagram, surrounded by candles and a skull. A small text box reads "The Rites of Inheritance!"

Title across the top reads "It's Midnight...the Witching House" and the image features a blonde flight attendant looking into a crystal ball where she sees herself, but as a skeleton, a hooded fortune teller has a speech bubble coming from them reads "What do I see in your future? Look for yourself!"

Text at the top reads "Ghostly Tales from the Haunted House" A green toned illustration features a decaying body holding a gun.

Bold back text at the top reads "Forbidden Tales of Dark Mansion" and the image is of a youthful couple looking up at two vampire like creatures in a department store. In the foreground is a pair of legs and a hand that looks wolf-like.

Title at the top reads "Haunted Love Tales of Gothic Romance" A creepy green fortune teller reaches a hand toward a man and a woman who are running away, in the foreground a large green hand bursts through the ground.

Text at the top reads "We challenge you to read...Ghosts True Tales of the Weird and Supernatural" the cover image features a groom entering through a door, and a bride waves to him saying in a speech bubble "Don't you know it's bad luck to see your bride before the ceremony?" and her reflection is a skeleton in her wedding dress. Smaller text boxes read "The Burning Bride," "Phantom Marshal" and "Beast of Satan"

Text at the top reads "It's Midnight...the Witching Hour" and the cover features a Victorian gothic house on a meteor, with witches on brooms around. Text in the lower left reads "The Haunted House in Space"

Red and white letters at the top spell out "Dead of Night" and feature a man in a top hat and cape with a large knife. He stands in the shadows as a woman in a red hat, white boa, and yellow dress walks by. A yellow box with red text reads "Death is a mall called...Jack the Ripper!" At the bottom a smaller red box with white letters says "Plus: 3 More Tales of Mystery and Black Magic!"

Text across the top reads "We Defy You to Unlock the Shocking Secrets of Sinister House" the image features a skeleton atop a Victorian house being pulled by a green car. No one sits in the driver's seat. Text in the lower right corner reads "The Haunted House-Mobile"

Want to read something in the vein of these comics? I highly recommend DC Showcase Presents: Ghosts, available via Amazon (note: affiliate link!), or Ebay, or AbeBooks, or ThriftBooks.

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