Sunny October Lunch

Nothing says autumn more than bright crisp afternoons. Today Patrick and I decided to get out of the apartment and go out for lunch, since it was so incredibly nice.

We popped over to the McMenamins Kennedy School for a bite to eat and to take a gander around. I love McMenamins locations because they are like living works of art. So many random items have been painted to add personality and whimsy to the building. There are also displays of items that were uncovered in the renovation process, giving guests insight to the history of the location. Since the Kennedy School was obviously a school at one time, there are many items and photographs that are scattered about the building relating to its education past.

There are numerous McMenamins scattered about Oregon and Washington that offer up concert venues, movie theatres, hotels, bars and restaurants (sometimes all in one, like the Kennedy School). The Bagdad, located along Hawthorne, shows movies and also, every Sunday night, have a Mad Men affair at their Backstage Bar. I have yet to attend, but fully plan on attending this Sunday for the season finale!

Hope you are enjoying your October!

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