"Mad" at the Bagdad

Last night, Patrick and I joined loads of other Mad Men buffs to watch the Season 4 finale play out on the big screen. Yes, I said big screen. While Mad Men usually shows in the Backstage Bar of the Bagdad, for the finale, they opened up the theatre!

I wish you could see the detail in this dress (it never photographs well) there’s a little belt like piece that has been sewn on with a fashionable and sleek bow in the front.


Upon arrival, I bumped into an old co-worker, where we joined them for drinks before finding seats. Of course, a bunch of people were dressed up – and it wasn’t just the girls, there were countless guys dressed in skinny ties – how refreshing! I must say, I couldn’t help but play “Vintage or Not” as other ladies found seats as well, and was quite surprised by the amount of vintage.

As for the finale itself…Oh. My. Goodness. Um, I certainly wasn’t expecting that when I stepped into the Bagdad. I’m not sure how Don getting married, Betty’s move (and was looks like second thoughts on her marriage), plus Joan’s expected baby are going to play out in the upcoming season. As for period issues, I had some hesitancy regarding the Disneyland map, but upon closer inspection combined with comparing it to a 1965 map I have, I believe it to be correct.Additionally, when Don announced his engagement, and Megan entered, Lane said “Congratulations” to Megan, (something that those of us today would do), but Pete corrected him, saying that you say “Best wishes” to the bride. Nice touch! I didn’t notice any garish errors in this episode. But, heck, I’ve seen That Thing You Do! countless times, and still notice things.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

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