It's That Time of Year…

It seems that every year Christmas begins earlier and earlier.  As much as I love the holiday, I do like to draw the line somewhere.  That somewhere used to be Thanksgiving, but that is nearly pointless to avoid anymore.  With the television constantly playing holiday themed commercials, and the stores full of Christmas decor and playing Christmas music, it’s hard not to fall into the charming cheer cloud that is Christmas.  With Thanksgiving this week, I gave in, and put up some Christmas decor, including our tree.  I did this partial decorating now also to ease some of the tension between the holidays and the wedding planning.

Thanksgiving this year will be an odd one, and sadly highlights my extremely fractured family.  This year it’s just going to be Patrick, my mom and myself.  During the weekend, I’ll venture down to Eugene to help with the decorating at my dad’s house and hopefully pick up some more decorations for my Portland pad, since it is bigger than the apartment we had before.

So, in case I don’t blog on Thanksgiving, I hope you all have a lovely day filled with wonderful friends and family and delicious food!

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