Christmas Time in Tinseltown

Well, here we are, December first! Finally! I adore winter so much!  Last weekend, I went to Eugene to visit my dad.  We did some antiquing and decorated at his house, which included putting up seven aluminum Christmas trees.  I also was able to pick and choose some more decor to bring back with me to Portland.  Thus, I was able to finish decorating this place!

I put up another aluminum tree, a gold one, and decked it out with red and green tiny balls.

I’d love to have a pink aluminum tree, however they are super pricey (not kidding, 6 to 7 footers go for upwards of $400) – actually any colored aluminum tree is pricey.  I got this one a few years back at the Coburg antique fair for $25, more than I wanted to pay for such a small tree, however it is gold!

Vintage Christmas decor is rather addicting for me, I will admit.  Many a time have I found myself at a flea market purchasing a duplicate of something I already own simply because it’s so cheap – and I can’t tell you how often my dad and I now fight over who gets to have what, so having a duplicate is a good thing in some respects.  One thing I can never have too much of are these goofy looking reindeer…I call them “demented reindeer”.  I just love how silly they look!  These little guys were popular for a brief period during the mid-1960s and average about $8 to $12, and were made in Japan.  I pretty much buy them whenever I can, I believe I can never have enough!

My parents used to be extreme Coca-Cola collectors.  My dad has since streamlined to vintage Santa Coke memorabilia.  Much of the house is scattered with point of purchase items and various other items this time of year.  Growing up my favorite item was this 1958 double sided hanging card-stock point of purchase that suggested several variations on Coke, and serving Coke to “add punch to your holidays”.  When I moved out into my own place, my dad let me take it with me.  It’s an item that recalls fond memories and creates nostalgia.  Needless to say, it makes me smile every time I walk by.  The classic image of Santa that we all know and love is pretty much thanks to Haddon Sundblom who created the image for Coke in 1931.  Sundblom was also known for his pin-ups.  His last work was a mix of both pin-ups and Santa, the 1972 cover of Playboy.

As for Christmas plans, nothing is too finalized.  My wedding is currently overshadowing the holiday.  But my holiday shopping is certainly in full swing.  I have a handful of people taken care of, and have been doing the majority of my shopping at various antique stores and on Etsy, which is what I would highly encourage all of you to do! Shop smart and shop S-Mart! I mean local!


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