Costume Construction

So, it may be August, but I’m already thinking about Halloween (to be fair, Fabric Depot already has a display full of costume patterns out).  I had tossed about many ideas, but many required sewing skills I do not yet have (and don’t wish to tackle yet) and/or would be quite costly.  And then I found myself having quite the nervous breakdown on what I was to be.  This year, I feel that I have somewhat settled, although it will still be quite the undertaking (and it is still from a film I adore).  This year’s costume requires embroidery. And lots of it.  So, it’s a good thing I’m starting now.



I tend to sew while watching television, mainly movies…it helps me keep track of how long making a costume makes.  So as you can see, I’ve watched The Librarian (all three in fact, and, yes, I do like them, as bad as they are) and all three original Star Wars films.

Many people, especially those who follow me on Instagram, have been asking what I am going as this year, but even though I consider it a fairly common costume, I’m kind of keeping it under wraps.  I tend to do that, unless it’s an obscure costume like last year’s showgirl mouse from The Great Mouse Detective, in that case, I shared my idea early.

Have you given any consideration to Halloween yet?

10 thoughts on “Costume Construction

  1. Halloween has never been a big thing here in Australia. I have just realised though that I will be in North America for Halloween this year so I’m excited to see how it’s celebrated!!

    I love sewing while watching old movie favourites. Looking forward to seeing your costume. 🙂

    • Really? How very interesting! Here in the US, Halloween goes in a few different directions, the main two being that it is a children’s holiday, time for dressing up and trick-or-treating, and then the other is a time for college students and those just out of college to dress slutty (well, the gals at least) and get drunk. For me though, I just love costumes in general, and Halloween is an excuse to make something fabulous and have something to wear it to, which tends to just be my own Halloween party, which is pretty low-key.

  2. Another Aussie here and no – we don’t really get Halloween. I am hosting a costume party for my birthday tomorrow though – it a Mario Kart tournament (I’m a vintage girl with varied interests) and I’m going as Princess Peach with a 50s dress. Should be fun!

    • I find this so interesting!! And I too am a vintage girl with varied interests! (The thing that surprises most people is that I’m a big NASCAR fan). Costumed parties are some of the best! I look forward to your pictures from your party! And happy birthday!

  3. You’re not alone at all! While I won’t be sewing my Halloween costume this year, a chance encounter with a certain type of (vintage) uniform hat spurred on the idea for what I hope will be my Halloween costume this year last spring, and I’ve been trying to find other pieces to put together a complete look ever since.

    ♥ Jessica

  4. I’m so excited to see your costume once it’s completed!

    I don’t have any Halloween plans yet, so I haven’t even begun to think about a costume. If I do end up getting invited to a party or something, I’ll have to put together a costume very quickly. I was a pirate a few years ago – I put together the costume using clothes I have here at home!

    One year I’d love to dress up as Harley Quinn from Batman, but I have zero sewing skills so I’d have to buy a costume or have one commissioned…

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