Costume Construction

So, it may be August, but I’m already thinking about Halloween (to be fair, Fabric Depot already has a display full of costume patterns out).  I had tossed about many ideas, but many required sewing skills I do not yet have (and don’t wish to tackle yet) and/or would be quite costly.  And then I found myself having quite the nervous breakdown on what I was to be.  This year, I feel that I have somewhat settled, although it will still be quite the undertaking (and it is still from a film I adore).  This year’s costume requires embroidery. And lots of it.  So, it’s a good thing I’m starting now.



I tend to sew while watching television, mainly movies…it helps me keep track of how long making a costume makes.  So as you can see, I’ve watched The Librarian (all three in fact, and, yes, I do like them, as bad as they are) and all three original Star Wars films.

Many people, especially those who follow me on Instagram, have been asking what I am going as this year, but even though I consider it a fairly common costume, I’m kind of keeping it under wraps.  I tend to do that, unless it’s an obscure costume like last year’s showgirl mouse from The Great Mouse Detective, in that case, I shared my idea early.

Have you given any consideration to Halloween yet?

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