Last night Patrick and I went to the cinema to see Frankenweenie.  And I’ll admit, you really can’t keep me away from a Tim Burton film.  Burton is one of the few directors out there who really can make the morbid truly charming and even lovable.

I grew up watching the original Frankeweenie on The Disney Channel every Halloween, and was so very pleased when it was released with The Nightmare before Christmas.  Thus, I was familiar with the story, a parody of Frankenstein, in which a boy loses his dog, only to be inspired by his science teacher and brings his dog back to life.  The original was a live action short and shot in black and white, while this full-length, also in black and white, is stop-motion in the perfect Burton style.  While I was still charmed by all of the Burton touches and adorableness of a dog brought back to life, I felt the additions to the plot line forced and unnecessary.

With regards to my outfit, I went a little more caricature retro than I normally go for, but I felt it in the vein of Burton’s work. I’m just glad I finally wore my stripper shoes somewhere! And even the ticket boy commented on them saying he liked them!

Blouse & Skirt: Buffalo Exchange, Portland
Sweater: Yours, Portland
Tights & Pumpkin Bow: Target
Shoes: Thrifted
Purse: Disneyland
Bracelet: Gift
Earrings: Umm…

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