Re-Mix Melody

The other day I popped into one of my favorite vintage shops, Hollywood Babylon.  I hadn’t been in in awhile, and peeked about to see what was new and I ended up coming home with a skirt and a pair of shoes.  The shoes I had been drooling over for ages, but they were pricey.  Heck, they were by Re-Mix, so of course they were! But Bridget had marked them down, since it was her last pair, and they just happened to be my size. So I took ’em home.

Re-Mix has gotten a name for itself by creating period perfect shoes that have become favorites for vintage lovers and swing dancers alike since they are dead-ringers for vintage shoes from the 1920s through the 1940s, but since they are new, they come in every size! Since a common problem regarding vintage shoes is that they are often tiny. Even finding a size 7 is difficult!  What is super swell about these is that they are all leather – inner, outer and sole! So they’ll last me a good long while.

Now that I actually own a pair, I kind of only want to own Re-Mix shoes…Patrick said if I want, he’ll buy me two pairs a year…one for my birthday and one for Christmas.  I certainly have my eye on the tooled leather ones!

Sweater: Gift
Earrings: Some antique shop on the coast, found by my dad!
Double Brooch: Was my grandmother’s
Skirt: Private Sale
Stockings: What Katie Did
Shoes: Re-Mix, Hollywood Babylon

10 thoughts on “Re-Mix Melody

  1. You match so perfectly! It’s totally delightful, plus this colour combo looks so excellent with your lovely hair!

  2. I also love Remix shoes!!!! They are pricey but I own 3 pairs for years and i can stil wear them, their quality are really good! I will return to their shop in LA next March for sure!
    Size is really a big problem with vintage shoes, I have browse all ebay auctions yesterday for 40’s-50’s shoes and none was in my size: 7.5M…

  3. Those colours are so gorgeous on you, I am so envious of how fabulous you red haired girls look in mustard!!! This whole outfit reminds me of The Edge of Love, though it’s probably that mustard sweater in particular 😛

  4. This outfit is PERFECT! length of the skirt and sweater, colour combo, little chain brooch, shoes, everything. Just gorgeous, good work!

  5. What a tremendously lovely, autumn perfect outfit. You look stunning, gorgeous gal, positively stunning!

    (And have only further bolstered my burning desire to find a mustard hued lightweight cardi in my size and price range – a hunt that’s been unsuccessful for months now.)

    ♥ Jessica

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