Goblins and Ghoulies from Last Halloween

No Manly Monday today. Sorry for the inconvenience.  Patrick has been swamped by work! His company is in the process of launching/announcing something new and terrific! So he has had his nose to the grindstone.  Instead you get my Halloween pumpkin!

After much thought and hard work, I finished my painting my pumpkin over the weekend!

This year I went with a Haunted Mansion theme, specifically the seance room.  I chose to do a stylized version of Madame Leota surrounded by several musical instruments which float around the room.

I guess this is also a great time to mention that I’m going to Disneyland again this year! (in case you’re relatively new to my blog, I went in February). My sister turned 40 this fall, and she really feels the need to celebrate, so we (meaning myself, Patrick, my dad, and my dad’s delightful girlfriend, Ann) are going down to California for Rock Around the Park, a rockabilly day at Disneyland!

Last time, I spent days working on my hand-painted Disneyland circle skirt to wear to the park, and I have been contemplating making a new creation for the event…however after the whirlwind that was my Halloween costume, I kind of am not mentally prepared to knock out another project in just three weeks.  So I’ve been thinking about wearing my Zero skirt since the Haunted Mansion will be decked out Nightmare style, and I feel that it still fits in with the theme of Rock Around the Park.  And not sure if my Enchanted Tiki Room pantsuit (also worn last visit) will make another appearance or not.

I hope you’re all having a lovely October so far!

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