Merry in Magenta

When I wrote about my Expo finds from last month, I mentioned my magenta suit might get a post of its own…and sure enough, here it is.

Last night a friend of mine had a Day of the Dead themed art show, and I figured the bright magenta suit with black accents would be perfect for the evening.

To add to the Day of the Dead flair, I wore my skeleton Elvis cameo that I purchased at the burlesque show I attended earlier this week, which was made by Katrina Dale.

I kind of just want to wear this suit forever. It’s comfortable, but elegant, and I adore its billowy sleeves…

Happy Friday, everyone!

6 thoughts on “Merry in Magenta

  1. a girl friend of mine is having a Day of the Dead party tomorrow and i just can’t get in the mood for the full face make up. i was thinking of making some masks but i love your classy approach. it’s inspiring me, i have a great preserved vintage bird i may break out and wear on a vintage hat with a pretty dress. thanks!

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