Observing James Dean

Here I am! Coming to you from California! We made it in to see family today, however earlier in the day we visited the Griffith Observatory.  Not only is it a beautiful art deco building, but it is also the site of the famous fight scene and ultimate climax of one of my favorite films, Rebel without a Cause, and guess what, there’s even a statue of James Dean!

After hamming it up with Jimmy, we took a turn around the outside of the observatory, attempting to spot Los Angeles landmarks through the smog, and then inside, where we witnessed fun displays regarding the sun, moon and planets and a demonstration of the Tesla Coil they have!

And on our way out I noticed that the tunnel you pass through to get to the observatory is the tunnel leading to Toontown in Who Framed Roger Rabbit (in addition to many other films, including Back to the Future II and TV shows), yeah I’m that good, or have seen Roger Rabbit way too many times. You decide.

Tomorrow we’re off to Orange for shopping! Planning on revisiting the awesome stores I visited last time we were down in February.

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