And Now for Something Completely Different

I’ve mentioned a handful of times that I’m a big fan of western wear as well as a few western themed shows and movies.  One of my favorite shows of all time is The Adventures of Brisco County Jr., a shortly lived series in the early 1990s which starred B-Movie actor Bruce Campbell.  In my opinion, it’s his best work and the show is top notch. While at first it may appear to be an A-typical western of a son seeking revenge for his slain father, it is in fact an fantastic fusion of the wild west, science fiction, steampunk and popular culture.  The show was my introduction to Mr. Campbell and I fell head over heels for the man with the chin. And on February 23rd, my dreams of meeting him will come true.

That weekend is the Portland Wizard World Comic Con. While of course it can’t compare to San Diego, it’ll be my first ever comic con of any sort, since I was about eight, and I am totally stoked. Patrick and I purchased the Bruce Campbell VIP Experience tickets which include an autograph session as well as photo op, and I’m deciding that one (of three) of my costumes will be Dixie Cousins from Brisco, specifically her debut scene when she sings “I’m Gonna File My Claim”…

I just purchased a burlesque/showgirl costume pattern off of Etsy and am off to the fabric store to buy the goods. Thank goodness I have about a month to get this in order!

As for my other costumes…I think I will wear the Emma Peel-esque jumpsuit I purchased awhile back and go as Mrs. Peel from the 1960s cult hit The Avengers and rewear the labor intensive Marion Ravenwood costume from last Halloween.

8 thoughts on “And Now for Something Completely Different

  1. Between your sewing skills and a fabulous idea like this I am dying to see the results…you will steal the show. I’m glad you’re taking Patrick though because you, in an outfit like that, beacuse those Comic Con guys’eyes are going to be popping out of their heads! xx Shauna

  2. Got to say that I love Bruce Campbell as well! I don’t remember seeing this series (I will have to watch it! 😉 ) Have fun and can’t wait to see photos!!

    Jessie Lou

  3. I’ve got to say that I was expecting something Monty Python-esque from this post 🙂 I love Bruce Campbell, I’ve seen a bunch of his more obscure stuff (“My name is Bruce” anyone?) If you like the western/sci-fi mix, have you seen Firefly? It is only one of the greasest shows ever, I highly recommend to anyone who hasn’t seen it. The whole thing is on Netflix right now. I’m super jealous of you getting to meet Bruce Campbell, and going to the ComicCon. That is on my bucket list.

    • I second this–Firefly is SO good! It’s a Western in space with strong characters and a very well-created world. I wish it had lasted longer! I dressed up as Kaylee from Firefly at a local fan convention last year, and we have quite a few pieces of Firefly related art in our living room.

      But let’s talk about YOU! Congratulations on getting to meet one of your idols! And you have exactly the right look to dress up as Dixie… you’re going to look amazing. Post pictures? Please?

  4. How awesomely exciting! I’ve always been a big fan of western wear and western films, too. It must stem from growing up on the West Coast and later spending a couple of years in Calgary – aka, western wear central for this country! 🙂

    ♥ Jessica

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