“Look at it! Isn’t it Beautiful?”

One of my all-time favorite television shows is I Love Lucy. Not only is the show utterly brilliant, Lucy became an instant style icon for me. One episode she’d be wearing a wonderful slacks number, the next a gorgeous embroidered gown. Later in the series Lucy and company find themselves in Hollywood as Ricky is to star in a film. While in Hollywood, Lucy sees this as her only opportunity to own a Don Loper Original and she and Ethel go off to Don Loper’s salon in Beverly Hills where Lucy ultimately ends up in Loper’s celebrity wives charity fashion show after agreeing to purchase a dress without seeing the price tag, which turns out to be way over how much she told Ricky she would spend.

The amount proves to be so much, she is fearful of a reprisal from Ricky and intentionally gets a sunburn so Ricky will feel sorry for her and thus not get upset over the hefty price tag, however she is then told that instead of wearing her original dress for the show, that she is told by Mr. Loper that she needs to wear a recent tweed creation of his (because, of course, tweed is a sunburn’s best friend!), however in return she will receive the dress she already purchased for free.

The fashion show is a wonderful display of some of the most stunning garments of the 1950s and all worn by the real-life wives of famous stars of the period including the wives of Dean Martin and William Holden.

Ever since I saw this episode (titled “The Fashion Show”) I found myself with a hunger to own a Don Loper dress of my own.  However, the usual price tag of a Don Loper is a bit uncomfortable for me, although much less than what a dress cost originally in 1955.  I wasn’t sure how I would get my hands on one, but I knew one day I would.  And today, my years of patience paid off.


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