Hey, Four Eyes!

Today I took a break from the massive amounts of beading for my Dixie Cousins costume to search for some new frames.  Glasses frames that is.

I was due for my eye exam, and had it last week, however didn’t find anything at my optometrist, leaving  me to hunt on my own at various optometrists around PDX. I tried on pair after pair at one of the top places for vintage frames, Hollywood Vintage, but came up empty. Me and vintage frames have never much gotten along.  And trust me, I’ve tried. Every time I come across a pair at a shop or show I try ’em on. But to no avail.  It seems as if 99% of vintage frames are round or square-ish in shape, which do not compliment my face shape at all.  I ultimately decided upon a new pair at a local optometrist, which will be ready in a few weeks.

Shopping for glasses has always been something I’ve never much liked doing. I’ve had glasses since I was in the third grade, and while I have loved each pair I’ve gotten (whether from the get-go or grew to love) shopping for new frames is always an unpleasant experience. My current frames are a little worse for wear, and my last pair didn’t stand up too well when getting a second pair of lenses put in them, and because I didn’t want to risk going through that again, I opted to just search for new frames. Over the years my glasses have become part of my personality (that wasn’t always the case, I positively loathed them at first, but I think most young kids do), a trademark if you will, and shopping for new frames is a bit like designing a new logo for your business. They have to click with who you are, what you represent and what you do. It’s no easy choice.

On a fashion note, I super adore pink and green together. I think that notion has sprung from this purse, which I made out of vintage bark cloth. Pink and green, especially combined with black proves really dramatic, but also fun. It’s just a great combo to play with.

Season Skipper Coat: The Mercantile, Springfield, Oregon (For $10!)
Toby Berman Sweater: Yours, Portland
Skirt: Peacock, which is closed, however the same gal now sells on-line, visit her on-line shop Beta Moss.
Stockings: What Katie Did
Shoes: TJ Maxx
Gloves, Bangles and Scarf: I forget
Bowling Pin Earrings: Found by my dad!
Purse: Made by me! From vintage bark cloth found at Antique Alley

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