Conscience & Temptation

A few weeks ago I walked into Antique Alley and Sarah (not only does she sell vintage wares, but she also is a stellar photographer) was wearing quite possibly one of the most amazing brooch sets I’d ever seen… Sitting on her shoulders were a devil and an angel.  I pretty much flipped out and immediately whipped out my phone to find a pair for myself.  I adore novelty prints and brooches and thought these conscience and temptation brooches were the epitome of novelty.  Sadly, my ownership of them seemed thwarted.  Sets were upwards of $100 and I just couldn’t bring myself to part with that kind of money.  Oh well.  Until Expo.

Yeah…I left out a find from the last Expo… I looked into a case and found what I initially thought was the set! But upon closer inspection I noticed the angel was a knock-off.  The original set was done by well known jewelry company Tortolani, and the pieces are signed on the bottom and have a black wash to them. This angel was unsigned, had a different fastener and was very bright.  But I didn’t care. The set was $25.  When I got home I went on Etsy to see if I could find the devil’s true mate, and I did, thanks to My Vintage Jewels, a swank shop offering up a wide array of vintage jewelry at really reasonable prices!

Seriously…how fantastic are these guys? I love that the devil has little red rhinestone eyes and they angel has blue ones as well as rhinestones in the halo. I could wear these babies every day.

Need your own set? Here are three currently on Etsy: $120 from Carousel Vintage Jewel. $125 from JCR Historic. And unused, still with original tags, $250 from Mimi’s Closet.

Devil Brooch: Expo
Angel Brooch: Etsy, My Vintage Jewels
Sweater: Antique Alley
Jumper: Bettie Page Clothing
Stockings: What Katie Did
Shoes: TJ Maxx

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