Conscience & Temptation

A few weeks ago I walked into Antique Alley and Sarah (not only does she sell vintage wares, but she also is a stellar photographer) was wearing quite possibly one of the most amazing brooch sets I’d ever seen… Sitting on her shoulders were a devil and an angel.  I pretty much flipped out and immediately whipped out my phone to find a pair for myself.  I adore novelty prints and brooches and thought these conscience and temptation brooches were the epitome of novelty.  Sadly, my ownership of them seemed thwarted.  Sets were upwards of $100 and I just couldn’t bring myself to part with that kind of money.  Oh well.  Until Expo.

Yeah…I left out a find from the last Expo… I looked into a case and found what I initially thought was the set! But upon closer inspection I noticed the angel was a knock-off.  The original set was done by well known jewelry company Tortolani, and the pieces are signed on the bottom and have a black wash to them. This angel was unsigned, had a different fastener and was very bright.  But I didn’t care. The set was $25.  When I got home I went on Etsy to see if I could find the devil’s true mate, and I did, thanks to My Vintage Jewels, a swank shop offering up a wide array of vintage jewelry at really reasonable prices!

Seriously…how fantastic are these guys? I love that the devil has little red rhinestone eyes and they angel has blue ones as well as rhinestones in the halo. I could wear these babies every day.

Need your own set? Here are three currently on Etsy: $120 from Carousel Vintage Jewel. $125 from JCR Historic. And unused, still with original tags, $250 from Mimi’s Closet.

Devil Brooch: Expo
Angel Brooch: Etsy, My Vintage Jewels
Sweater: Antique Alley
Jumper: Bettie Page Clothing
Stockings: What Katie Did
Shoes: TJ Maxx

13 thoughts on “Conscience & Temptation

  1. This has to be the quirkiest and most awesome jewellery I have ever seen! The idea is simply genius and they look so beautiful too, I can’t get over the awesomeness 😀 I love this jumper on you, it looks amazing on your figure!

  2. You look so very cool wearing these, and I love your vintage fashion look so much! Thanks for sending me the link so I could see the set!

  3. OM! So totally cute, I love them. It’s so nice whern you see something that sparks your imagination and desperately want it…and then finally get it…and even better when it’s for a great price. What a great find. xx Shauna

  4. There are scarcely words to describe how immensely, whimsically, delightfully fabulous they are! I’ve seen some cool novelty brooches before, but I swear, these take the (angel and devil’s food) cake!!!

    Gorgeous outfit, BTW, stylish lass, I just adore that wiggle skirt jumper and pretty peachy pink top on you.

    Happiest St. Paddy’s Day wishes!!!
    ♥ Jessica

  5. What an adorable jumper! I’m going to seriously think about getting one…hows the fit, did you find the BP size guide to be true to size? And oh my, the angel brooches so complete the naughty/nice look to the outfit 😉

  6. OK Miss Janey you have given me a new addiction! I just bought the angel brooch from Etsy for $ 14.95 and there is another angel pin for $ 10.00 but something is wrong but the roll over clasp is frozen shut. Both are by Tortolani too! If you should come across the little devil please let me know! Thanks Janey!

  7. How did I miss this last week?! These are so cute, so funny, and (for me) so nostalgic. My grandmother had the angel pin and wore it all the time by itself. Oh, how I miss her. I wonder what she did with the little devil?!

    Thanks for bringing back great memories. 🙂
    ❤ jen @ librarian tells all

  8. How clever! I think I need something similar… then I could wear the appropriate brooch for my mood, giving a clear signal I am up to no good. Which is always.

  9. Janey! I just bought the devil on E-Bay. I am now the proud owner of a set of my own finally! The devil is much harder to find at a decent price. I was beat out of several auctions for the devil.

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