La Plaza Dos

So I finally did a bit of vintage shopping here in Palm Springs, but I was rather let down…or maybe just my wallet and personal taste let me down.

I visited many shops, however most inventory of the antique shops were more…high-end, I guess you could say. Many had pieces of modern art mixed in with primitives, which often just isn’t my bag. I love kitsch. There were a handful of shops though that were a bit more up my alley. Route 66 West carried the best selection of Bakelite I’ve ever seen. And Mr. Cox offered beautiful items in a carefully curated and plush shop. But it was Deja Vu where my taste and pocket book were a little more at home and I walked away with this insanely perfect skirt…

Yeah, those are silhouettes of square dancers. Pretty amazing, right? I kind of had to hold in a squee of delight when I found it. The skirt paired nicely with the blouse I wore in my last post…so I couldn’t resist wearing the outfit before we headed back to Portland.

We explored La Plaza a bit more and discovered a restaurant I was totally oblivious to last time I wandered around, FARM, which has taken four of the former bungalows and made one the kitchen, and the other three and the space in between all of them into dining areas.  However we didn’t eat there, and instead opted for Tyler’s since Patrick had missed out on my previous visits and wanted to try their delicious food.

Well, we head home tomorrow! But don’t worry, the Palm Springs posts don’t end here! I have yet to talk about the stellar hotel we’re at. So stay tuned! Heck, you might even get a post tomorrow during our four hour layover in San Fran!

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