Sombrero Siesta

Last night I went out for an extremely late birthday dinner with a few friends. And wore what has to be a new favorite dress of mine…


Yeah, it has wooden sombrero buttons! How insanely fantastic is that!?  They are kind of the reason I had to buy it.  It’s kind of shame the neckline is so high, or else it would go perfectly with my wooden sombrero necklace.

The evening was pretty swell, until I realized when we went out for ice cream that I was missing a button and after a long search, I came up empty handed.  But thankfully I found a few on Etsy and they should be heading my way soon. Thank goodness.  But now I’ve learned my lesson, ALWAYS reinforce buttons on vintage dresses the moment you get ’em.

Dress & Belt: Red Light, Portland
Purse: Antique Alley, Portland
Shoes: Miss L Fire Siesta, Imelda’s, Portland
Earrings: Umm…Don’t remember…
Bangles: Various places…
Brooch: Made by my friend Alicia

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