Anatomy of a Vanity

When I wrote my review of Red Apple Lipstick, I got a comment or two on how some were distracted (I assume in a good way!) by what was going on in the background, so I figured it may be a good time to share a few pictures of my beloved vanity.

Hope you enjoyed!

22 thoughts on “Anatomy of a Vanity

  1. Gorgeous! I think my vanity is the piece of my furniture I am most attached to. It was originally purchased for my gramma in the late 30’s by her parents, and it’s traveled with me from San Francisco to New England, back to California and now lives with me in Saint Louis!

  2. Goodness, your vanity is absolutely gorgeous! I particularly love your little spiral earring racks… I need something like that to keep my growing collection under control. I should take pictures of mine as well… It’s not nearly so fancy, but I suppose that’s OK.

  3. I think it is important to surround your home with things you love. I LOVE the last pic of the classy lady figurine, so awesome! you should do your hair like her, it is in the same colour scheme. I bet it would turn out really good. Lol. I am trying to get you to be inspired to do your hair from a glass figurine. maybe I am a nut.

  4. Beautiful earring collection, and you look very glamorous in that robe. I have the “Rio” vanity/bedroom set from the 40’s with the big round mirrors. I just adore heywood Wakefield also!

  5. Be still my heart! I honestly gasped aloud as I scrolled through these marvelous snaps. Yours is the kind of dressing table that vanity dreams are made of, dear Janey. (I’ve always, always wanted to have a bedroom with enough room for one of my own – no dice yet, but hopefully someday!)

    ♥ Jessica

    *PS* Thank you very much for your wonderfully nice comment on my vintage outfit post this week, sweetie, as well as all of your blog comments. I really appreciate and enjoy them. ♥

  6. Ohhh that shot of you in your dressing gown and heels is so gorgeous, total silver screen glamour! Very Rita Hayworth, and that dresser is worthy of any (vintage) Hollywood star! I love your collection of knick knacks too, that bunny with the reindeer antlers is so cute 😀

  7. Hi!! May I ask…do you dress like that all the time? (forgive me if that is rude) but I just LOVE the way you dress!! I found your blog by accident really…I was looking for vintage beauty routine tips and gave up my search when I came across your site…:) Thank you for taking your time to keep us company through your lovely posts!!

    • Hi, Michele! And no, it’s not rude at all! And, yes, I dress in vintage all the time. With the exceptions of working out and doing outdoor work, such as working on cars, decorating the outside of the family home for Christmas, etc.

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