Swell Swirl

I’ve never been much of a brand/label/designer person when it comes to clothing. I like what I like, and I don’t care who designed it. But, there are a few exceptions…one of which was owning a Don Loper, which I crossed off my list in January.  One other exception to the rule is a Swirl, which just the other day fell into my lap at Simply Vintage.

Not only did it fit, er, okay, maybe more like well enough…it’s a tad big and short waisted, but it was my favorite color and featured pockets, so I had to take it home!

Swirls were basically the quintessential 50s housewife dress.  In fact I believe Ethel  in I Love Lucy was quite fond of them.  While the brand was never mentioned specifically, the classic single back top button and wrap ties and often pockets are a trademark of a Swirl and she is seen in many dresses of that style.  Made of sturdy cotton, and simple to put on, the Swirl is a fun dress for a day out shopping or a day at home.

A favorite detail of this outfit is this darling maracas brooch! It was a gift from fellow blogger Suzanne of Sweetie Suz.  I couldn’t be more in love with it! Not only does it has swell colors, but the maracas actually make noise too!!

Dress: Simply Vintage, Portland, Oregon
Purse: Thrifted
Earrings: Oh, gosh…who knows?
Cuba Maracas Brooch: Gift from Sweetie Suz
Bangles: Various
Shoes: Siesta by Miss L Fire, Imelda’s, Portland, Oregon

13 thoughts on “Swell Swirl

  1. What a great Swirl dress! So colorful. I love them and I’m always on the hunt for cheap ones as they can get pricey. I have one that I also have seen a matching ad too. Must do a future blog post on this one:) Aren’t they just so fun to wear? Congratulations on a beauty of a Swirl wrap!

  2. I Love the turquoise color also! The red shoes and accessories go very well with the color. Beautiful on your skin tone. I just purchased a Richard Frontman adorable turquoise wiggle dress. I don’t think he was a high end designer, more the high end look for the “everyday woman”. And the awesome thing is, I think he is still living today! The maracas are darling also!

  3. Gorgeously awesome find! I love, love, love that puchy shade of turquoise – both on you and in general. I have a fair bit of turquoise in my wardrobe, but certainly no Swirls in this fab hue yet (or any Swirls for that matter – though I have longed been on the prowl for one in my price range). That brooch is turbo cute – how fun that it actually makes noise to boot!

    ♥ Jessica

  4. I have to tell you how delighted I was to find your blog! I’ve gotten increasingly into vintage fashion over the past couple of years and started doing my hair in victory rolls and poodle hairstyles and just looking through your photos I can tell I’m going to be endlessly inspired by your hair, makeup, and clothing! Can’t wait to read more 🙂

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