The Same but Different

Earlier, I blogged about going to OMSI to see the traveling exhibition on mummies, and what I wore, as some mentioned in the comments, was reminiscent of Evy Carnahan from the 1999 film The Mummy, and subsequent sequel, The Mummy Returns (2001).  The truth of the matter is, she is one of my fashion icons (I don’t often mention it, because outside of my close group of friends, The Mummy films are a bit of a joke).  Then my friend Anna, of Anna in Technicolor, invited me to her 1920s themed housewarming party. Since my 1920s wardrobe is practically non-existent beyond what I wore to OMSI and Gatsby, I felt a need to make something.  So, to expand upon my Evy inspired wardrobe, I chose to re-create the outfit from when we first meet Evy in The Mummy (which takes place in 1923) when she finds herself in a rather terrible predicament in the library inside Cairo’s Museum of Antiquities…

My version is not exact, but it wasn’t important for me to be exact, since she was a bit more of inspiration for everyday wear rather than a serious cosplay recreation.

Blouse: Made by me, Simplicity 4356, slightly altered.
Skirt: Made by me, McCall 7153
Scarf: Made by me, pattern created by me as well
Earrings & Purse: Antique Alley, Portland, Oregon
Brooch: Coburg Antique Fair, Coburg, Oregon
Belt: Buckle from Brownsville Antique Fair, Brownsville, Oregon, belt replaced using ribbon from Fabric Depot
Bracelet & Stockings: Don’t remember
Shoes: Miz Mooz, Johnny Sole, Portland, Oregon

Read on for party pictures!

Anna’s housewarming was an absolute delight, with fab food, fun outfits, and the Gatsby soundtrack.

Hope you’re having a lovely weekend!

19 thoughts on “The Same but Different

  1. This is not what one typically thinks of as a 20s outfit. We usually think of flappers. I love this look though. It’s just so chic and classic. You look great!


  2. I, too, love Evy’s wardrobe, especially the one she wears in their house in the second movie. Gosh, I love the movies – what’s not to like? Your awesome Egyptian jewelry has me drooling with envy. Such great pieces! Your friend’s headband is rather great, too.

    • I think that outfit is next on my list of costumes-for-day-wear to make next! I contemplated it for this party, but then remembered The Mummy Returns took place in 1933.

  3. I kind a love the first two Mummy movies and Evie is beautiful. I think you’ve done a fabulous job recreating her style. You looks wonderful!

  4. Hi, just found your blog.
    I really like this, one of my favourite looks, you look fantastic. The films aren’t really my thing but I do like Rachel Weisz in them, I loved the way she looked.

  5. I love this outfit. Adorable. I’m so excited to see outfits from the 20s that have a structured waist! Yay! Also, I know I’ve said this before, but I just LOVE that Egyptian revival jewelry. Its so unique 🙂 You did an excellent job with the shirt, skirt, and scarf. I’ve slowly been working on becoming a proficient seamstress and sometimes I seem to be going backwards! Its always encouraging to see someone else rock it!

    -Katie @DakotaDixieDarling

  6. Wonderfulness to the max! I too have a great interest in mummies (Bog mummies my fav). I’ll have to mark my calendar and visit my local museum, if I remember correctly they have a year round mummy exhibit here.

    The Mummy movies were great! I thought the Mummy Returns was going to be awful since most sequels are. What a relief part 2 was even better.

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