One career path I gave serious consideration to was becoming an archeologist, specifically, Egyptology.  Prior to my birth, my parents took a trip to the Holy Lands, and parts of our home were decorated with relics and souvenirs of the journey.  I read all of the books I could get my hands on regarding ancient Egypt (even put in a great deal of time learning to read hieroglyphics), and put my 6th grade teacher to shame when we did our ancient civilizations unit in Social Studies.  When I got into high school, and began my college search, I looked into various schools that offered archeology programs, and even went on a local dig to get a feel for the true life experiences.  That didn’t end well.  Let’s just leave it at that. And as I progressed in high school my idol shifted from Indiana Jones Howard Carter to Edward R. Murrow and I entered college as a journalism major, but I did take a few anthropology and archeology courses, before stumbling out of college on graduation day with a history degree. But my passion for Egypt has never disappeared, and has translated into my wardrobe over the years with pieces of Egyptian Revival jewelry. And recently, Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (better known as OMSI) was blessed with a mummy exhibit! I was so excited and went to the exhibit with Patrick and my friend Kali.

Since OMSI does not allow photography, so you’ll just have to settle with just my outfit…

The exhibit itself was very interesting and included artifacts such as canopic jars and ushabti figures for the Egyptian portion of the exhibit, which defined deliberate mummification, while the rest of the mummies were the work of accidental mummification due to climates.  The exhibition is in its final weeks, so if you’re interested, go soon! Find out more here.

Hat: Urban Eccentric, Vancouver, Washington
Blouse: Don’t recall…
Skirt & Scarf: The Clothes Horse, Eugene, Oregon
Shoes: Payless, like five years ago
Gloves: Gift
Purse: Expo
Earrings: AlexSandra’s Vintage Emporium, Portland, Oregon
Brooch: Antique Alley, Portland, Oregon
Bracelet: Gift from my dad!

28 thoughts on “Mummies!

  1. Love this outfit! It’s very Evie (from The Mummy). I too entered college with the idea of becoming an Egyptologist–I was obsessed as a kid. I used to bury things in the back yard and wait a few weeks before making my sisters play “Indiana Jones” with me. I saw that same exhibit when it was in Philadelphia. In addition to the Egyptian mummies, I was really fascinated by the S. American mummies and the European mummies that had been preserved in what was essentially accidental catacombs/a vault. I wish I’d thought to dress up!

    • Oh my gosh! That was the EXACT vibe I was going for! Yay!! I adore her character and the style she has! I really want to expand my wardrobe more to have more items in her style.

      And that is so adorable!! I love it!

      Yes, it was quite interesting how the right conditions can do that!

  2. Oh Janey, this is dreamy! I have not found another gal, until you, that shares my childhood dream of being an Egyptologist! I checked out numerous books at the library on ancient Egypt and practiced writing my name (and my family members’ names) in hieroglyphics as a kid. I just loved it. Have you read the book “The Egypt Game”? It is meant for pre-teens, I believe, and was my absolute favorite when I was about 10. It is about a group of kids who love ancient Egypt and recreate it in their backyard as a secret club…in other words, my childhood dream! haha 🙂 Oh, memories!!

    Anywho, back to your gorgeous outfit: I am coveting that purse and your jewelry!! You’re just too adorable.


  3. I can’t decide if I’m more in love with the hat or the scarf/brooch combo! I had dreams of becoming an Egytologist myself, in third grade I was grossed out by a book about how mummies were made (It was the brain soup out the nose bit that got me) and was hooked ever since. The only drag out brawl I ever got into with my brother was over wanting to watch live coverage of entering the Queen’s Chamber of one of the major pyramids while he wanted to watch Simpsons. I won. My brother bought me a hieroglyphics book years later to apologize. Still have the book, if you ever want to do a loan-swap.

  4. Egyptology, sounds so interesting. Your outfit looks great, I always adore your skirts, love the little side pleat details. This post reminded me of movies I just loved in my prime of childhood. It seemed like Indiana jones, Raiders of the lost Ark, King Solomon’s Mine, Romancing the stone, and Jewel of the Nile, to name a few came out around the same time and I couldn’t get enough of these movies when I was around 11 12 yrs old. I remember I especially was fond of Indiana Jones and Romancing the Stone/jewel of Nile. I watched them over and over, I really need to revisit them. Sorry to ramble, this post must have brought up some nostalgia in me 🙂

  5. This outfit definitely calls to mind the sorts of films people are mentioning here – I did think of Indiana Jones and The Mummy but the other thing it makes me think of is something like Agatha Christie’s Death on the Nile. I considered archaeology as a career as well, way back when – there’s something so exciting and romantic about it which I have no doubt is influenced by popular culture.

  6. Janey, the immense and deeply rooted passion for Egyptology that you have shines through with the intensity of the Egyptian sun in this wonderful post. I will forever think of you now when I see anything pertaining to this fascinating chapter in human history.

    Your outfit is inspiringly beautiful, detail oriented, and sophisticated. It was a joy to spot all of the different Egypt themed pieces in it and to know what an incredible special place they, like Egyptology, hold in your heart.

    ♥ Jessica

  7. So cute! I love all the Egyptian touches. My family lives in Egypt, and I love working in Egyptian/African/Sudanese/Arab aspects into my wardrobe, too!

  8. Wow, Egypt was an obsession of mine in High School! I signed up for Ancient History as we were told the syllabus was a year of studying nothing but Egypt! Image my disappointment when the syllabus was changed to Greece 😦 At least I still had Art History to fall back on! Your ensemble is adorable! nxx

  9. How wonderful! When I was young I too wanted to be an archeologist, mainly interested in Egypt. I have loads of fun memories of studying it in school and my Mom (I was home schooled) let me make traditional costume for me and my siblings and such. Sooo much fun. You look darling, I adore all your Egyptian themes jewelry.



  10. Very pretty, altogether a stunning outfit for you. When you mentioned your love affair with Egypt it made me want to recommend a series of books by Elizabeth Peters, the Amelia Peabody mysteries. they are really a great set of books, start at the beginning, though so you can fall in love with Amelia like I did. Tongue-in-cheek but also very readable, if you haven’t tried her and have some time to read I can’t tell you how much pleasure the series has given me over the years.

  11. I might be a little biased to liking this outfit because I am Egyptian, and I just came back from the Holy Land of Israel, but this is so modern and chic with a tinche of ancient, that it looks so lovely!

  12. I’ve long been fascinated with Egypt, myself, and I’m longing to visit (I just hope the political situation there improves soon…)! I love your outfit and it’s awesome that you were able to see an Egyptian exhibit. I visited the Egyptian exhibit at the Field Museum in Chicago and the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto and it’s amazing to see the artifacts in person.

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