Bettie to the Rescue!

Every so often you just need that one specific thing in your wardrobe.  For me, it was a red pencil skirt.  I had one awhile back that I talked myself into buying, despite the fact it didn’t fit very well, and every time I wore it I got grumpy.  So I sold it off with hopes of finding another one…and one never came…and never came…and while I knew Bettie Page had one, I longed for a vintage one.  Then, one day I had just had it and went to Bettie Page where I discovered that not only were they going to be discontinuing the red pencil skirt they currently had, they were all out of the size I needed! Thankfully, one of their ever lovely employees tracked down one (of three left!) in Santa Barbara and had it mailed to me free of charge. Seriously, talk about customer service.  It arrived the other day, and I’m thrilled to finally be able to add it to my closet.

Scully Top: Thrifted by my dad!
Red Pencil Skirt: Bettie Page
Boots: Antique Alley, Portland, Oregon
Earrings: Don’t remember
Las Vegas Charm Bracelet: Expo

14 thoughts on “Bettie to the Rescue!

  1. I have one of these sitting in my closet. I ordered it from ModCloth last year and didn’t realize how small the sizes were for the Bettie Page line. It is one of my goal skirts. You have beautiful nails by the way.

  2. Curve hugging pencil skirt perfection! How awesome that you were able to have one tracked down in the end and that they mailed it to you free of charge. I can’t recall the last time I heard of any company offering such great customer service. My one and only shopping experience with Bette Page so far was awesome, too, and I would order from them again any day with total confidence.

    Have a stellar Labour Day long weekend, dear Janey!
    ♥ Jessica

  3. Wow, you really lucked out. Beautiful red skirt, and top and boots are cute also! I was nodding my head while reading your post. I too have been in search of that perfect red wool pencil skirt. Well as it so happened, a couple weeks ago during one of my many searches on etsy and eBay I struck gold and came across a shop with nos with tags 50s/60s wool pencil
    Skirts! I bought all 5 of them for a great deal in various colors and the cutest details (arrows)! But the red one was the gem out of all of them, you just can’t beat that 50s early 60s bright cherry red color. When I saw yours I would have never thought it was a modern skirt….beautiful!!

  4. My red pencil skirt has become a staple in my wardrobe. I recently had to throw out my first one, because it was completely worn out. But I’ve recently replaced it with a vintage leather version.

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