Warming Up to Fall

It’s officially fall, and while I used to eagerly await this season, this last summer I was not. Visiting California prolonged my summer, and as we landed in Portland, grey clouds and buckets of rain welcomed us. In the last few days, I’ve worked on switching my wardrobe over to my fall/winter selection and I have done a bit of shopping where I scored three rather spectacular coats, so now I’m warming up to autumn a bit… I’m sure you’ll see these coats in the near future, but today didn’t much require one as I ran around doing some local errands.

While at first blush this may appear to be a 49’er, it’s not! It buttons the wrong way, and has a breast pocket, so it’s actually a mens shirt! It is a true Pendleton though! Finding an old mens shirt is a cheap option for those wishing to get their hands on a 49’er, but may not want to dish out $40+ for one.  You’ll certainly see my small collection of 49’ers (I think I have five or so) though this fall, as this may become a staple look this autumn.

The Chip and Dale pins are one of the few things I bought at Disneyland. I’m not much for contemporary Disneyland souvenirs (with the exception of pressed pennies! I’m a devoted penny presser!), but I will buy vintage ones all day long! But I had to have these guys, as they were too cute and I love that they act like a scatter pin set.

Also, one more Disneyland post to come in the next day or so! Patrick is scanning our 120 film this very moment! So stay tuned!

Bandana: Who knows!
Blouse (which isn’t really seen): Thrifted
Non-49’er & Belt: Albany Antique Fair
Jeans: Freddies of Pinewood
Boots: Antique Alley
Chip and Dale Pins: Disneyland

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