A Visitor from France

Last week I had the absolute delight of meeting up with French vintage blogger Laurence and her husband, Sylvain, of Lost in the 50s, as they were doing a bit of shopping here in America prior to Viva Las Vegas. If you aren’t familiar with Laurence’s blog, you must visit it! As she and her husband are the best dressed couple in the blogesphere! Their period perfect 1950s styling is stunning and the couple are beyond adorable.

As we do not have a car here in Portland, Laurence and Sylvian were kind enough to pick me up in their rental car I was delighted when Laurence handed me French candies and a Jessica Rabbit pin from Disneyland Paris! How sweet is she!? We spent the entire day visiting many of Portland’s fine vintage clothing stores, trying on goodies left and right, chatting with the shop owners and teetering our way back to the car with bags full of treasures. Over the course of the day we visited nearly every vintage clothing shop I recommend those visiting the Rose City before ending the day at The Driftwood Room for dinner and cocktails.

I must admit, with each and every visitor I have the pleasure of shopping with, I fail miserably at taking photos! So while I had my camera on me, I didn’t take any photos of consequence. I chalk it up to having too much fun looking around and chatting with Laurence and Sylvain. So today you’ll have to settle for just my outfit.

I bought a few things myself, including a spectacular Zuni made turquoise, onyx and mother of pearl inlay ring of a thunderbird that is off to the jewelers to be resized and I can’t wait to get back! I have fallen head over heels in love with turquoise and can’t get enough of it! Speaking of things I can’t get enough of, I just got another skirt, similar to the one I’m wearing here, from Etsy seller Mystique Vintage. I can thank the ever elegant Joanna of Dividing Moments for spotting it and sending me the link! It just arrived today and I am currently in the process of letting the hem down, as the hem on it was a little on the short side for me. I predict it won’t be too long before it finds its way on the blog!

Blazer: Don’t remember!
Sweater (borrowed from a sweater set): Buffalo Exchange, Portland, Oregon
Skirt & Bangles: Retro Rejuvenation, Coburg, Oregon
Covered Wagon Pin: Plucky Maidens Junk Fest
Bakelite Ring: Hattie’s, Portland, Oregon
Stockings: Coffee by What Katie Did
Shoes: Payless, like six years ago!
Corde Purse: Red Light, Portland, Oregon

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