Go for Launch

Last night Patrick and I got a pleasant mid-week treat, one of our favorite bands, The Phenomenauts, who I’ve blogged about before, rolled into town for an evening of space themed rockabilly. I never get tired of seeing these guys. They always put on a great show, complete with lasers, fire extinguishers and a toilet paper gun…blower…thing…Oh just scroll, you’ll see it.

I seriously can’t recommend them enough if you dig rock n roll. They’re still touring, currently with The Creepshow, who also put on a fantastic show. Check their Facebook pages for tour dates!

While last time I saw The Phenomenauts I wore my own take on their uniform, I opted for a more casual rockabilly look, mainly because that uniform was also uncomfortable. It’s time for a re-do soon. But here’s a quick snap after the show and rockin’ out.

Hope your week is treating you well!

Phenomoeauts Jacket: Phenomenauts concert, circa 2009
Brian Setzer Rockabilly Riot Tee: Brian Setzer concert, circa 2011
Switchblade Stiletto Skirt: Naked City, Portland, Oregon
Hair Tie (which has little neon green bats on it!): Tini’s Ties
Belt: Nordstorm
Boots: Buffalo Exchange, Portland, Oregon

5 thoughts on “Go for Launch

  1. I really love that you don’t do straight up vintage all the time and also incorporate your personality and styles into outfits like this. I hate feeling constrained to only vintage, and it’s lovely to see a vintage lover break out and do her own thing!

  2. They look like such a hard core fun group! I’m off to check out their tunes on Youtube at once.

    Love what your wore – cowboy boots + a pencil skirt is a combo that needs far more play in the vintage/rockabilly world, if you ask me.

    ♥ Jessica

  3. That looks like such a fun band. The costumes remind me a bit of a band from called Future Folk (they made a really cute little movie called The History of Future Folk, which I recommend checking out if you ever have a couple of free hours and a Netflix account), although the musical stylings are very different. Your outfit is really cute as well, fun and punky but still with a vintage aesthetic.

  4. the phenomenauts! ha, i just met them a few weeks ago here in berlin after their show … f my man is friends with them … he will meet those guys in vegas for punkrock bowling soon!
    fun band and great people!

    your outfit is fabulous. perfect to see a rock show!

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