Painted Pretties

It’s funny how you can want something forever, then once you get it, it sits in your closet without you wearing it for eons. That is the case with this skirt…

For ages I longed for a painted Mexican circle skirt, but I had a hard time decided on what kind of images I wanted (I especially had a hard time deciding which I loved more, bulls and matadors or donkeys) and price point. Because, seriously, these babies are not cheap. Finally, months ago, once just fell into my lap at a local rummage sale for a much more reasonable price for my pocket book! And it had a fantastic image too! Dancing couples, music notes and cacti! It was slightly messed up with the ties (someone had hacked the ties to bits), and it was a little on the big side, but I got creative, and made it fasten strictly with hooks and eyes than with hooks and eyes and a bow. But even after it made it out of my repairs pile it hung in my closet because I didn’t feel like I had much to pair it with top wise, until I pulled out my summer wardrobe, where this teal blouse had been tucked away.

How about you, have you ever had a similar dilemma?

Blouse: Expo
Skirt and Purse: Local rummage sale
Nude Fishnets: Oroblu, Nordstrom
Bangles: Here and there
Bakelite Ring: Hattie’s, Portland, Oregon
Brooch: Some antique mall along the coat in Lincoln City I think…
Shoes: Miss L Fire

23 thoughts on “Painted Pretties

  1. That skirt is stop-you-in-your tracks stunning!!! Wow a million times over, wow!!! I love it to bits and can totally see why it had to be yours. Congrats on finding it for a good price to boot! Don’t you just love it when you finally find something you’ve been yearning for at a really great price? It’s like the universe’s way of rewarding you for your patience. I know what you mean about a long sought after piece sometimes ending up sitting in your closet for ages after you get it though. Sometimes I do this intentionally (I’ve liked this practise before to the further aging of a bottle of wine), other it just happens naturally and then when I do finally wear the item, I usually go through a phase of wearing it all the time for at least a few weeks to make up for lost time. 🙂

    ♥ Jessica

  2. I already commented on your Instagram pic, but I just had to say again: I love, love, LOVE this skirt! I have a few Mexican circle skirts, as I just can’t get enough of them, but this one is so unique and special. The music notes and dancers…gah!!!! ❤

  3. This is such a fabulous skirt on you! Love it. I too have bought coveted items and then let them hang in my wardrobe for months years, unworn! No more, I have a strict policy on this now, and my OH and I have at home date nights, where we can wear the fanciest items without worrying about being overdressed, so I get to wear the items that have hung there for a while. Great colour top with your colouring x

  4. That skirt is a beauty! I love when that happens, you long for something and the stars align and you happen to find it for about 100x cheaper at a thrift store or something.

  5. Yes, I have had the same dilemma, and it was with a novelty print skirt as well! I was super excited to find this Middle East novelty print circle skirt (here:, but I think I’ve only worn it 2-3 times. I don’t usually wear such full skirts, so although I love it to death, it feels a little cumbersome for me to wear all the time.
    Which makes me sad. Because I really DO absolutely love it.

  6. Oh psh, how silly of me. I totally raved over your skirt in my head and forgot to type it. It sounded something like this, “OOOOOO! What a fabulous print! What flattering lines! What amazing hand-painting!!! That’s the best find ever, and from a rummage sale! SHOOT! That’s the best!”

  7. That skirt is WONDERFUL! It’s exactly the kind of Mexican circle skirt I’d want. I love the musical notes and the dancers! And kudos to you for getting so creative with it! I’d probably be disheartened, but it’s awesome you came up with such a good solution. And I love re-discovering forgotten garments and giving them new life! It’s even better than finding a brand new (to you) item, sometimes!

    xox Sammi

  8. Mexican circle skirts, tooled leather anything and a proper 1950s coat have been my lust items for awhile. Ebay may have saved the day for me because I found a Mexican skirt for relatively cheap but it doesn’t have any scenes painted on it. But yours makes me want to go on the hunt for another one! You can never have too many circle skirts!

  9. Oh, I know what you are talking about. That skirt is wonderful and it matches perfectly with the blouse. Now as you have found something to go with I hope it will be worn more often? I had the same trouble with a skirt of mine. Paired it with a ruffled blouse once and looked like my own grandma. It hung in my closet for several years until I saw a woman wearing it with a simple t-shirt. That was it! I had tried to find a top part to this for so long but nothing looked right because it was all too much. And then a short encounter in the bus and a simple shirt solved all my problems. Now I love it and wear it quite often 🙂

  10. this beauty is one of the best skirt i’ve ever seen!!!! here in germany mexican skirts are just in hour dreams but not real … means, you actually can’t get them!

    i really know what you mean. some pieces are hard to mix and match. i recently struggle with some pieces out of my collection ….

  11. First let me say gorgeous outfit. I too have a few pieces that have been hanging in my closet forever. The one in particular which I bought thinking I would wear all the time, is my Saul Stienberg “tinhorn holiday” skirt. The print is amazing, I have yet to wear it though. It’s perfect in every way except its a little long. I’ve noticed with me and clothing is that if there is a little something that irks me I put off wearing it until I think it’s perfect in my mind.

  12. That. Is. Amazing. The sequins! The music! The dancers! What a fantastic find, and I’d be lying if I didn’t say I was a wee bit jealous of you for finding such a fabulous music-themed skirt.

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