“I Ain’t Nobody, Dork.”

Last night Patrick and I went to the 99W drive-in (yet again! Seriously, it’s the best part of having a car!) to see How to Train Your Dragon 2 and, the biggest reason, American Graffiti. I was super excited that we were first in line too, so we were for sure able to snag my favorite spot.

The drive-in skirt was a rare new purchase for me at Buffalo Exchange . While Buffalo likes to boast itself as a buy-sell-trade joint made up of recycled goods, it does sell new items, you can tell as usually there is more than one of the item, but also these new items bare yellow tags, while all used goods have white tags. While it’s made of jersey, and features an elastic waistband, I just couldn’t resist (and thankful to uncover it was made in the USA by the company Mezzanine). I’ll openly admit that I am a sucker for anything that features drive-in imagery…comic books, magazines, signs, etc. In high school I had a had a purse with a drive-in on it. Hmm…I wonder whatever became of that purse…?

Blouse: Buffalo Exchange, Eugene, Oregon
Drive-In Skirt: Buffalo Exchange, Portland, Oregon
String Tie: Magpie, Portland, Oregon
Shoes: Re-Mix, via a local rummage sale!
Earrings: Don’t recall…

8 thoughts on ““I Ain’t Nobody, Dork.”

  1. That skirt is nothing short of sensational!!! Awesome find and styling of it here. It’s so cool that you have a real live drive-in theater still in your area to wear it to. Love that!!!

    Happy first day of summer wishes, my sweet friend!
    ♥ Jessica

  2. Ah, love the skirt and blouse combo! So cute, and so perfectly perfect for a drive in experience. I love matching the occasion with my dress. Doesn’t happen very often ~ I think I need more novelty prints. ♡

    bonita of Lavender & Twill

  3. Such a cute outfit! And since you love American Graffiti and visiting filming locations, I’ll tell you of a few. If you are ever in San Francisco and have some spare time, go over to Marin County. Tamalpais High School in Mill Valley was the filming location for the Sock Hop, in Gus Gym (I went to this high school and it was quite a big deal!). Downtown San Rafael and Downtown Petaluma were the filming locations of the nighttime driving scenes. Hope this it educational for you!

  4. This comment is way overdue– I love, love, love this outfit. The color pairing is bold and really flattering, that skirt has such a great fit, and I *love* the statement of the string tie. Love the structure, love the pieces, love it all.

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