“Tell ’em Howard Hughes Said So”

Over the weekend one of my favorite movies showed at The Hollywood, Disney’s The Rocketeer. It was an early afternoon screening, so I decided to go for a more casual look, instead of getting gussied up.

The Rocketeer remains one of my favorite films over the years for its endearing characters and great story, and while I also love the comics, there is just something about the movie that I like more. Sadly, its initial box office numbers were rather sad, though over the years The Rocketeer has developed a cult like following, especially at comic conventions. Over the last few years there have been rumblings of Disney attempting a remake, and I pray to god they don’t. I really have my reservations on the matter because since when has a Disney remake ever been better than its original? Alice in Wonderland, Escape to Witch Mountain, and most recently the entirely new twist with Sleeping Beauty in Maleficent, anyone? These remakes also have me cringing over the news that the next live action Disney films on the table are Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast, the latter of which being my absolute favorite Disney film.

How about you? Are you a fan of The Rocketeer? How do you feel about the possibilities of a remake? Or about these live action remakes of animated classics?

Peasant Blouse: FabGabs
Jeans: Vivian of Holloway via Animal Traffic, Portland, Oregon
Shoes: Miss L Fire
Purse: Thrifted by my dad!
Necklace: Birthday present from my dear friend Alicia
Bangles: Here and there

17 thoughts on ““Tell ’em Howard Hughes Said So”

  1. When I was little, my dad worked for Hughes Tool company. He referred to Howard Hughes as “Unlce Howie”. Imagine my great disappointment when I found out he was NOT my uncle. PS I love your pants!

  2. What a perfect summery ensemble! I really love the combination of the crisp white with jeans, and those are some seriously awesome jeans made more so by those shoes peeking out.
    I always liked the Rocketeer, too! I’m not sure why it’s not more popular, but for the fashions alone it’s more than worthwhile to watch it.

  3. I love that movie, especially loved scene chewing Timothy Dalton. I love the 30/40’s style pulps, I think I would be more happy with a sequle than a re-make even if they brought in a new cast.

  4. Don’t you just love how us vintage gals define “casual” definitely than most other folks. I know entirely what you mean, but to an outsider (aka, not vintage person), this outfit would be considered relatively fancy by (most people’s) modern standards. I was sporting something quasi-similar at the post office not too long ago and the gal working there complimented my by saying that they (all the post office staff) knew me as the woman who is always dressed to the nines (aww!). I was very touched, though had to fight the urge to say, “but I’m not even dressed up by my standards today!”.

    Wherever this fabulous outfit falls on the causal scale, I adore it. Orange + white + denim feels fresh and timeless in the same go and looks positively sensational on you, dear Janey.

    ♥ Jessica

  5. Saying that, I’m not a huge fan of remakes, Alice in Wonderland was okay at best, but I actually REALLY enjoyed Maleficent, I loved that true love’s kiss wasn’t from a prince, and the role was made for Angelina Jolie! As a general rule though, remakes are met with skepticism from me…

    And yes, gorgeous casual ensemble!

  6. I am not a fan of remakes at all. Very few have been up to standard or were better than the original. I love the Rocketeer! Jennifer Connelly is one of my favorite modern actresses. That theater looks amazing-I wish we had a some like that in NY! Beautiful outfit btw-comfy and pretty-fave combo! xox

  7. I have a love and hate with remakes. Sometimes I’m like ‘I don’t want to see my fave possibly ruined’ but in the same vein, ‘I want to see how this person will take it on in a different eras perspective.’ Such a conflict in my heart.
    I remember the Rocketeer vaguely from my childhood, and I think my dad collected the comics. So, I think I have to re-watch it, and snag some of the trade paperbacks of it!

  8. There are certainly som terrible remakes out there, but I’m one of the minority who absolutely LOVED Maleficent. I thought it was moody and gorgeous and addressed issues that I would have never expected to see from Disney, like sexual assault and female agency.
    I’m curious, how do you maintain your nails? I’ve been trying to grow mine out for a while, but even with fancy strengthening polishes they always peel and break.

    • I agree that there were some very interesting elements that played out in Maleficent, I just was really thrown for a loop with it.

      Regarding my nails, I’ll be honest, I don’t do anything! But my mother has extremely long nails (longer than mine, but not so long they curl!) as well, so I think it may be a genetic thing? But I can recommend biotin. It’s a vitamin that supports hair and nail growth, as well as metabolism.

  9. What a cute outfit! I love how the necklace and bangles and shoes all coordinate, well done! The Rocketeer was one of my VHS favorites when I was a kid– Jennifer Connelly was so gorgeous in it. I should watch it again (if only to see all those art deco sets and costumes with adult eyes)!

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