Las Vegas’ Ghastly History on Display at The Mob Museum

Patrick and I are finally home from our road trip to Idaho! Why Idaho? Well, my grandfather on my mom’s side passed away, so we went for his services, but I figured if we had to go, why not make the best of it, and do a road trip?

The first stop on our trip was Las Vegas (not counting the abandoned waterpark in my last post), and we crammed a lot into our two night stay, so I have lots to share with you! And we will start with the Mob Museum.

Very fittingly located in an old Las Vegas courthouse, the Mob Museum was on my list last time I was in Vegas, but didn’t get around to it. The museum offers a chronology of the history of the mob in the United States, as well as the history of law enforcement’s way of combatting the mob, but with a strong focus on Las Vegas, and a nice general history of Vegas.

At the very end of the museum was a small room showcasing vintage fashion from the late 1910s through the early 1930s, with some absolutely stunning pieces! So if you’re more in this for the fashion, just scroll to the end!

The above .38 Smith & Weston revolver belonged to the infamous Al Capone, however it wasn’t actually recovered (properly, by the IRS) until 2004 during a raid of an illegal gambling den in Kentucky.

I was totally shocked to see a ticket from the 1919 World Series, which, if you’re unfamiliar with mob/gangster history, is famous for being fixed, likely by Arnold Rothstien.

The above capelet was owned by Bessie Penniman Johnson, who lived part time at Scotty’s Castle in Death Valley. We actually had planned to visit Scotty’s Castle, which is now part of Death Valley National Park, during our road trip, but due to recent flash flooding, the mansion is closed for extensive repairs. Learn more about Scotty’s Castle here.

The Mob Museum is located at 300 Stewart Ave., near Fremont Street, and is open daily 9 am to 9 pm, and closed Thanksgiving and Christmas. Nevada residents get an awesome discount, so if you live in the state, take advantage of that! Non-residents, you can get a discount by purchasing on-line on the Mob Museum’s website.

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