Burbank’s Magnolia Park Vintage Shopping Guide

Please Note: This post was originally published in July of 2018. However I attempt to keep this post current and up-to-date as new shops arrive and/or sadly close. Please keep in mind I do not visit as often as I would like, and from time to time you may find this post to be out of date. Please double check with Google and/or Yelp for changes.

Awhile I created my Orange Vintage Shopping Guide, but mentioned there are so many wonderful places to shop in the greater Los Angeles area, that I planned on doing multiple vintage shopping guides for more specific areas. Today I bring you another!

Magnolia Park Vintage Shopping Guide

The adorable city of Burbank is home to so many studios, including Walt Disney Studios and Warner Brothers Studios, but it’s also a great place to do some vintage and retro shopping! There is a stretch along Magnolia Boulevard that offers shops with true vintage, as well as shops specialized in wonderful repro and vintage inspired clothing and accessories. The shops listed below, several restaurants, and more are all within walking distance of each other, making Magnolia Park a perfect place to spend the day. If you find yourself lucky enough to be on Magnolia on the last Friday of the month then you’re really in for a treat, as it’s Magnolia Park Night Out, where many shops stay open later, often offering sales, food, and entertainment. There are also several food trucks that make appearances, making it quite the unique experience!

Inside Audrey K, fanciful dresses with a retro flair, her logo, a blue boomerang with "audrey k boutique" inside.

Audrey K – Audrey K specializes in fun and unique, but new, clothing and accessories with a retro flair. Dresses, jewelry, bags, and parasols galore! 3414 W Magnolia Blvd.

Bearded Lady Vintage Oddities

Bearded Lady Vintage Oddities & The Mystic Museum – This is perhaps one of my favorite shops along Magnolia, as it offers up some super fun witchy goodies, along with vintage taxidermy, vintage Halloween decor, and other oddities. The Bearded Lady is also home to the Mystical Museum, which showcases a wonderful collection of spirit boards, and does rotating art shows. 3202 W Magnolia Blvd.

Sign for Best of Times Antiques, painted with several cherubs, flying around clouds.

Best of Times – This antique mall is full of all sorts of treasures from jewelry to clothing. 3401 W. Magnolia Blvd.

Storefront for Halloween Town. Large creepy text reads "Halloween Town" in orange and black letters, windows are filled with tombstones, vampires, goblins, and fortune tellers.

Halloween Town – Halloween Town offers spooky attire, accessories, and home goods, in addition to being the place to find Halloween decorations year-round! They also have vintage Halloween and oddities. 2921 W Magnolia Blvd.

Window of It's a Wrap, advertising it as "production wardrobe sales"

It’s a Wrap – Ever wondered what happens to clothing from TV shows and movies? Well, a lot of it ends up here! Yes, It’s a Wrap specializes in reselling screen worn items, and sometimes they carry vintage. Not too long ago they had all of the garments and accessories from The Astronaut Wives Club. 3315 W Magnolia Blvd.

Junk For Joy – Junk For Joy is perhaps one of my all-time favorite vintage clothing stores. I almost always find something here. The shop owner is absolutely the sweetest too! Loads of clothing from various eras, plus lots and lots of jewelry! 3314 W Magnolia Blvd.

Storefront of Playclothes, featuring vintage clothing and furnishings outside. A green and pink sign outside reads "Playclothes"

Playclothes – Playclothes is a premier vintage clothing store, with a vast collection of true vintage garments from the 40s, 50s, and 60s. Along with a delightful selection of accessories including hats, purses, and shoes, as well as jewelry. They have a small selection of housewares as well. 3100 W Magnolia Blvd.

Sign for Slone Vintage, silver letters over a large dark wood sign.

Slone Vintage – Slone is a sleek boutique with a carefully curated collection of vintage from the 30s through the 60s. The items are immaculate and the shop owner is very gracious. 3208 W Magnolia Blvd.

Please note, it is very beneficial to double check Facebook, Google, and/or Yelp pages for hours prior to visiting.

Currently Magnolia Park is in the midst of some upheaval, and supporting these small businesses is more vital than ever. Several shops have left due to raising rent. The issue is highlighted by Save Magnolia Park, which also made this short documentary:

Next time you take a trip to LA, be sure to visit Magnolia Park! It’s extremely close to so many other tourist destinations, including the LA Zoo, Universal Studios, Griffith Park, and more.

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