Santa Claus is Coming to Town

We just wrapped up decorating for Christmas last week! So it’s time to share how we have decked our halls this season. And for the first time, we decorated a just little bit in the kitchen with some small ceramics and bottle brush trees.

Small stuff reindeer in red line a shelf, in the background on another shelf reads "Reindeer Drive"

An overall view of our living room. A painting of a desert scape hangs on the wall above an orange and black couch. Small stuffed Santas sit on the couch.

A Santa head dish holds two matchbooks, one of a Santa head, the other black reading "Greetings" in red, green, and white script with holly.

Small, red reindeer line shelves, and vintage Christmas cards hang like clothing on a line from a ribbon.

A vintage card box features Santa painting toys, next to it stands a ceramic Santa, and next to it is a box of "Glo in the Dark" ornaments, the box is blue and feature bright yellow stars.

The iconic Leg Lamp from A Christmas Story sits on an end table, with various small, stuffed reindeer, and a book of "Once Upon a Wintertime" which features a boy and girl ice skating.

Like laundry on a line, I have used mini clothes pins to hang vintage Christmas cards from ribbon. One is green with a treble clef out of holly and reads "A Christmas Note." Another with a blue background reads "Christmas is Here Again" in white and red script.

A small silver aluminum tree stands with various colored ornaments featuring moons, stars, and planets. In the background a fireplace, and further back the kitchen.

A small ceramic Santa drives a tiny car.

Atop a rich maple wood table sit various small stuff reindeer in red, white, and green color schemes. In the middle a ceramic Santa steps out of a chimney.

In the foreground a silver aluminum tree features multi-colored glass ball ornaments with stars, moons, and planets on them. In the background a green aluminum tree with similar ornaments.

Santa and Mrs. Claus hula-hoop as small vintage salt and pepper shakers.

The green aluminum tree with various colored ornaments stands on the left with our dining room table on the right. Atop the dining room table is a small, one foot gold aluminum tree. Hanging on the wall is a small half aluminum tree, designed to hang on the wall.

A close up of a blue ornament with a star on it hanging on a silver aluminum tree.

An overall shot of part of our living room featuring the six foot tall green aluminum tree on the right, a four foot tall silver aluminum tree on the right. A mauve colored chair sits against the wall in the back with small, vintage stuffed Santas.

A vintage ceramic plate for Santa's Village in Sky Forest, California, featuring images of storybook houses. Next to it a souvenir bell from Santa's Village, a postcard of Santa at Santa's Village, and a button reading "Santa's Village Guest"

In the foreground a silver aluminum tree, next to it is a wood and glass console with a teal and cream record player and a small aluminum tree atop, and in the background a pink aluminum tree.

Close up of a ceramic planter featuring Santa playing an upright base.

A mauve colored chair holds a variety of vintage stuffed Santas.

A small ceramic santa carries a whip as he rides in his sleigh.

In the foreground a silver aluminum tree features multi-colored glass ball ornaments with stars, moons, and planets on them. In the background a pink aluminum tree with similar ornaments.

Close-up of a vintage Santa. lighter

Atop a secretary features small, vintage cardboard houses. Hanging above a trio of prints of Joshua Tree.

Close up of a pink, white, and blue colored glass ornament featuring a moon and shooting star hanging from a green aluminum tree.

A small pink aluminum tree stands against a wall, with blue, gold, and green glass ornaments featuring moons and stars. Under it are pink and gold presents.

A ceramic planter features Santa climbing out of a chimney, peeking out of the top is a bundle of pine sprigs.

Long time readers of the blog will know my passion for aluminum Christmas trees, and that this little pink tree is actually just the top half of a seven foot pink one I scored back in 2012. Pretty genius, right? Since acquiring a six foot green one 2015, we decided to just put up part of the pink one, especially because it is a time consuming process to put up and take down! The pink tree is unique in that it is made up branches of varying lengths to achieve its tapered look, unlike most aluminum trees which have branches of all one length and use holes of different angles to create the look.

We also went through several precautions to keep Colonel Whiskers at bay, and so far it’s worked! So I’m thinking of whipping up a post of how to keep cats away from your precious vintage aluminum trees.

In addition to all of the decor inside, this year we have decorated outside as well! And I hope to share an outdoor post sometime soon!

Have you decorated for Christmas yet?

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