Redlands Vintage Shopping Guide

Please Note: This post was originally published in May of 2019. However I attempt to keep this post current and up-to-date as new shops arrive and/or sadly close. Please keep in mind I do not visit as often as I would like, and from time to time you may find this post to be out of date.

Many know that Palm Springs is a mid-century mecca, and a perfect place to have a vay-cay lounging by the pool. But what few may know is that on your way to Palm Springs there is a perfect place for a vintage shopping pit stop in the citrus rich city of Redlands.

A blue sky above the Redlands train station, which is a white building with pillars. "Redlands" in red letters reads across the top of the building. An overlay in red type reads "Redlands Vintage Shopping Guide"

I find myself in Redlands fairly often, because the main office for the company Patrick works for is in Redlands. While he works from home, sometimes he has to go in for meetings, and if I tag along I get to go shopping, see friends and family in the area, and we get to use the carpool lane, making his commute shorter.  If you follow me on Instagram, then you may have seen some of my shopping adventures here, so I think it was only a matter of time before I got around to this post!

A large tan building has large blue letters painted across it reading "Back in Time antiques home decor." Below in black script reads "Country French Traditional Provincial Victorian"

Back in Time – This is a fairly standard antique mall with a mix of true vintage, newer items, and shabby chic that we have sadly all grown accustomed to, but there are still several dealers with vintage accessories, jewelry, home goods, and ephemera, but not much with regards to clothing. Back in Time also features an outdoor area to meet your garden decor needs! 1740 W Redlands Blvd.

A pale tan building features a large black sign that has white text reading "The Red Rooster Vintage" and an image of a red rooster stands next to it.

The Red Rooster Vintage – A shabby chic antique mall if there ever was one, with a plethora of painted and then sanded furniture and industrial style lamps, but there are many good vintage houseware items, such as Pyrex and ceramics. 409 N Orange St.

A large glass window reads "Redlands Galleria Antiques, Collectables & Fine Gifts"

Redlands Galleria – This place is huge, four floors to be exact. Redlands Galleria is a similar mix of what Back in Time has to offer, but with more clothing. I’ve found some gems here over the years. There is plenty of furniture, home goods, lots of ephemera, plus a fair amount of jewelry and other vintage accessories. 17 E State St.

A window reads "Vintage denim" above a burnt orange awning. A rack of denim shorts shits outside.

RUST – At RUST you’ll be in denim heaven, but there is also some true vintage treasures, including purses and accessories. This place tends to lean a little newer, but it’s still worth the stop. 115 Cajon St.

Bonus Shops

If you’re really wanting to dig in and find a diamond in the rough, Redlands is also home to a few thrift stores as well as an amazing turquoise shop!

Assistance League Thrift Shop – 506 W Colton Ave.
Goodwill – 223 W Colton Ave.
Redlands Thrift – 614 Alabama St.
West of Texas – 401 E Citrus Ave.

Please note, it will be very beneficial to double check Facebook and Yelp pages for hours prior to visits. Additionally, any shop that is an “antique mall” is made up of many different vendors who pay monthly rent, plus a commission to sell their wares within the antique mall. This means that large areas of the store can change wildly within a short time period if someone moves out and someone else moves in.

Redlands is also home to many stunning Victorian mansions, including the beautiful Kimberly Crest House, which I still have yet to tour! But when I do, I’m bound to blog about it!

So, next time you’re road tripping it to Palm Springs or Joshua Tree from LA, stop in Redlands for a quick shopping excursion and maybe you’ll find a treasure or two!

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