Vintage Christmas Cards Vol. 2

Last year I shared part of my vintage Christmas card collection with you all, and well, the collection has grown, and I’m here to share more with you!

I’ll start by sharing the card we actually reproduced as our Christmas card this year…

A man sits in a chair reading a paper, and a woman sits in a chair with presents. Between the two of them is a fireplace and in front of it sits a cat.

I found it so fitting as a representation of Patrick, myself, and Colonel Whiskers.

On a blue background red and white text reads "Christmas is Here Again!" A red stocking hangs from the S

Four silver Christmas trees of various sizes are scattered on a white card. The trees have multi-color ornaments on them. The top reads "Greetings"

A little blonde girl in a red and green outfit hugs a reindeer. The top reads "Merry Christmas"

A small cartoonish Santa holds a tall Christmas tree with ornaments on it.

A fluffy grey cat sits on a red background with white snowflakes. The top reads "Hi There!"

A blonde girl in a red and white outfit sits at a piano. The background is red with the music for "O Christmas Tree" in gold.

A cigarette sits in a green ashtray, smoke rises from it. A cork like background features red stars and at the top white script reads "Greetings"

A red carriage drawn by four horses glides across an envelope and a card. The card reads "Season's Greetings" and the background is red with Christmas trees printed in grey.

A grey cat wears a Santa hat and hold holy in its paw on a green background with white snowflakes. White lettering reads "Hello!"

And the last one I also have to share the back too, because it’s just as cute as the front!

The back of the card, the grey cat is curled up in the Santa hat.

Maybe you caught a glimpse of our vintage Christmas cards on display in my Christmas decorations post. But if you missed it, and want a little inspiration on how to display Christmas cards, check out the post here. Do you collect and display Christmas cards?

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