Vintage Christmas Wrapping Paper

Recently at a flea market, I spied this super cute box for wrapping paper. I was drawn to the cheerful Santa, and thought he would pair nicely with a vintage box for Christmas cards I had to display (you can catch the box under the “Reindeer Drive” sign in our Christmas decor post here). But unlike the Christmas card box, which was empty, this box was in fact full of vintage, unused Christmas wrapping paper! And what a treasure it was! I delighted in the fanciful script and adorable illustrations and thought I’d share it here. I also totally have plans to turn some of this wrapping paper into fabric for Christmas dresses, but perhaps for next year, as Christmas is next week!

White candles sitting in green holly against a red background.

Grey poodles carry presents, stand near a Christmas tree, hold a stocking, and sit in hat boxes.

Red poinsettias against a green background.

Illustration of Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus, and the Wise Men on camels.

Blue, pink, gold, and green ornaments hang on blue ribbon against a green background.

Santa carries a Christmas tree, puts presents by a tree, holds a stocking, and holds a wreath. Each illustration is surrounded by a rectangle of either red or green, against a white background.

Red, green, and pink candles sit in holly leaves against a red background

Green holly leaves and red holly berries against a white background.

Snow men, trees, and a little red house against a green background.

Merry Christmas in a festive script and boxes of red, green, white, and gold.

The poodles are for sure my favorite! Do you have a favorite?

Feel free to download any of the photos, as I think they would make for festive lock screens or wallpaper on a phone.

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