Smell the Flowers

One of my all-time favorite stories (and subsequent cartoons) is Ferdinand the Bull, the story of a bull who would much rather smell the flowers than fight the matador. In 1938 Disney made the beloved book into a cartoon, and while the cartoon won Best Short Subject: Cartoon at the Academy Awards and had many toys in the 30s and 40s, it does not get a lot of stage presence and merchandise today, which is why I was so pleased when I found a Ferdinand pin during our visit to the Walt Disney Family Museum.

People often comment telling me how well I accessorize. And I must admit, I never gave it much thought. Accessorizing is just easy for me. It’s like I am building a collage that I get to wear! But I do think I have pinned down one key element to accessorizing, and I think this outfit highlights that method perfectly. So what is it you ask? Start with an accessory.

In sticking with my new mantra of wearing what makes me happy, I chose to wear my Ferdinand pin and revolve my entire outfit around it.

Thankfully this Ferdinand pin has a lot of colors to work with and I decided to throw them all on my body. I pulled red from the matador’s cape, and I chose my red wool skirt I picked up at Jet Rag during our last visit to LA. To keep in line with the Spanish flair, I picked a peasant blouse, and selected the one that featured a design of flowers. A green and white belt highlights the flowers that Ferdinand is smelling. As it was slightly chilly, I chose a sweater that reflected the yellow in the matador’s outfit. I’ve really been digging patterned knit tights, and picked a pair that had a slight floral design to them, to reflect Ferdinand’s love of flowers. To draw in more of the colors in the pin I loaded up my arms with bangles, but kept the necklace and earring situation simple, with just black bobbles. All of these colors were also in a pair of Miss L Fires that I have and I slipped my feet into them. While a tooled leather purse first came to mind to pair with this, I decided the wood and blanket “Bonnie Bag”, as it’s labeled on the inside, highlighted the colors of the outfit much better. Once you decide upon one item you want to wear (it can be a piece of jewelry, or a jacket, purse or a hat), the rest just falls into place.

Sweater: Gift
Peasant Blouse: Buffalo Exchange, Portland, Oregon
Skirt: Jet Rag, Los Angeles, California
Belt: Red Light, Portland, Oregon
Tights: Target
Bangles: Here and there, though some are from Retro Rejuvenation
Necklace: The Clothes Horse, Eugene, Oregon
Earrings: Umm…most likely Antique Alley
Purse: I’m not sure…I have like five of these bags…
Ferdinand Pin: Walt Disney Family Museum, San Francisco, California

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