Join us on our Patio

My relationship with plants has often been described as a hateful one. As a child I went on many hikes with my dad through Oregon’s many forests, visiting majestic waterfalls and spectacular views. I loved these hikes, but as I grew up I began to get a destain for Oregon’s evergreen forests with their creeping ferns and looming trees that never changed color. They bored me, and for some reason no longer beckoned in a friendly manner. And the rain that turned pathways into mud didn’t help my affection toward Mother Earth’s creations either. I didn’t care for flowers much, especially tulips and the roses that Portland was known for. But with each trip to California I became entranced with the palms, cacti and bizarre plant life that dotted the streets. My visits to Joshua Tree solidified that passion for the strange and otherworldly like plants that called California home. Living in Oregon, having plants or a garden was never high on my list, mostly because I knew that my choice in plants may not survive the wet climate, but when we moved into our new place here in California I couldn’t wait to fill our patio with plants that looked as if they just came off a 60s Star Trek episode.

Over the last month or so Patrick has been surprising me with various cacti and even with vintage planters he scored on Ebay. He has done a fine job in selecting succulents, and also purchased two small patio umbrellas and outdoor lights. Prior to all of this, our patio just had two butterfly chairs and a small table. He even built some stylish palettes for our plants to sit on, so they would have a smooth surface, but not take up room on the concrete. Much of the inspiration for our patio stems from our visits to California lush missions (hence our Madonna) and the Joshua Tree Inn.

I simply adore sitting outside in the warm sun with a book. So I thought I would share a peek into a lazy day at home on our patio.

We also wanted some covering for a bicycles, and purchased this swell shed on-line. It keeps our bikes from getting faded, or rained on (which still happens!). Like with most apartments, we suffered from some restrictions that are common when renting, and it made Patrick and I all the more eager to own a home. But in the meantime, I’m happy to have this lovely patch of paradise.

Tee & Shorts: Buffalo Exchange
Mocs: Minnetonka
Hair Arrows: Gifts
Jewelry: Here and there – mostly antique shows I think!
Book: I’m with the Band by Pamala Des Barres, available on Amazon

12 thoughts on “Join us on our Patio

  1. Growing up in Arizona has left a sour taste in my mouth for desert plants (thanks to 120+ summers), but I have to say that your patio looks awesome!! And props to your choice in reading material. Pamela Des Barres rocks!

  2. What a cozy, stylish, relaxing corner you two are building for yourself. Those planters are terrific! The things one can find on eBay in the States never fail to impress me. Ooohh, and that cactus candy looks fabulous! I love a nice, dense jelly candy like that, too.

    ♥ Jessica

  3. Oh man, your patio is so cozy and inviting! Being I was surrounded by these plants all my life, it’s so nice to hear someone who’s not a native who enjoys them so much!
    “I couldn’t wait to fill our patio with plants that looked as if they just came off a 60s Star Trek episode” I let out the loudest laugh at that!! ❤

    Carla, TinyAngryCrafts

  4. This is so awesome! I adore cacti but do not have the time to care for them. Speaking of strange plants. Have you see the plant that curls up when you touch it, Mimosa pudica? Oh, and a Venus fly trap would be super fun too.
    As a former home owner (10 years). I learned that it is cheaper and safer to rent an apartment. Yes, there is the added bonus on doing whatever you want with the property you own. The headaches that my family got when things broke down. Plus paying a water bill really kept us poor. Knowing what I know now, would I go back in time and not own a home, nope I’d still do it again. Owning my own home has made me smarter and a more self sufficient person. For the past couple of years I’ve been an apartment dweller and am loving it! If something breaks down or I’m having any issues with anything in my building I can always call the building crew and they will totally take care of it free of charge. The only thing I do miss is not being able to have a victory garden.

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