Fall Dapper Day

Dapper Day, the twice annually event that both well dressed folks and Disney lovers look forward to every year, was last weekend. Last fall Dapper Day I wore a western ensemble with slacks, and I enjoyed that so much I decided to go with a similar outfit, and as the weather was quite cool, Patrick finally wore a jacket and tie ensemble! And I actually managed to snap a couple pictures of him.

Patrick’s jacket is honestly one of my favorite pieces in his wardrobe. And believe it or not, I thrifted it years ago! His whole outfit was a hit, and I’m pretty happy the man put the outfit together on his own!

The wooden Disneyland inspired D brooch is a new gem from Match Accessories, who recently launched a Frontierland inspired collection. When I ordered this new D they made mine a little special, and swapped out a boot for the Smoke Tree Ranch brand. Smoke Tree Ranch was a beloved getaway spot for Walt Disney and his family. He loved the Palm Springs club so much that he regularly wore ties embroidered with the ranch’s brand. In fact the Partners statue in front of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle features the brand on Walt’s tie. Read more on Walt and Smoke Tree Ranch here.

The only sad thing about this outfit, is that the hat is the same one I wore last fall Dapper Day, and as much as I would have loved to have worn a different one, I don’t actually own that many cowboy hats, mainly because I am extremely picky. Like this hat is absolute perfection, and I would love to own this exact hat in a variety of colors! The trials of vintage!

Hat: Orange Circle Antique Mall, Orange, California
Blazer: Red Light, Portland, Oregon
Blouse: Frock You, San Diego, California
Slacks: Paper Moon, Los Angeles, California
D Brooch: Match Accessories
String Tie & Ring: I don’t remember…
Belt: Found by my dad
Shoes: Re-Mix


Patrick’s Outfit
Jacket: Thrifted
Shirt & Pants: Nordstorm
String Tie: Borrowed from me, of course! But I don’t remember…
Shoes: Allen Edmonds

Spring into Dapper Day

Last Sunday was spring Dapper Day at the Disneyland Resort. Recently I have scored some amazing vintage square dancing dresses, including several spectacular floral ones, so I decided to wear one of those for the day.

All day I felt one part cowgirl, and one part southern belle. Which works out just fine, as Frontierland and New Orleans Square merge with one another with in the park!

Dapper Day also brings the Dapper Day Expo, where vendors who sell vintage and vintage inspired goods come together and you can shop ’till you drop! Which I seriously did. I came home with three more pairs of Re-Mix shoes, a couple of vintage charm bracelets, and a few pieces of clothing, not to mention even more brooches from Match Accessories!

I hope your spring is going well!

Dress: Ozzie Dots, Los Angeles, California
D Brooch: Match Accessories
Belt: I don’t remember…probably from my dad
Shoes: Re-Mix
Disneyland Fan: Redlands Galleria, Redlands, California

Dapper Cowgirl

With so many Halloween festivities, fall Dapper Day (an unofficial day at the Disneyland Resort when Guests are encouraged to “step out in style” for a day at the park) really snuck up on me and I honestly felt like I had nothing to wear. But when I noticed the temperatures were going to be on the cooler side, and wanting to be different than the rest of the well-dressed crowd, I opted to pull out some of my nicer, more spiffy vintage western wear.

I am overjoyed that I opted for this look as opposed to a dress or blouse/skirt combo. I was comfortable, yet still stylish, and got to showcase some of my favorite pieces from my wardrobe that don’t go out often. While I have loads of western wear, I tend not to wear the true vintage in fear of something happening to it. But for a laid back day at the park, it worked out very well.

Not only did I get to see so many familiar faces, I met lots of new people, and I got to finally meet some readers and Instagramers in person! Which is always a treat!

There was the added bonus of the Dapper Day Expo where true vintage and vintage inspired vendors sold their wares. I came home with quite the Match Accessories bundle, including this amazing Davy Crockett guitar brooch! I also scored two new to me vintage dresses, including a Swirl!

Hat: Orange Circle Antique Mall, Orange, California
Jacket, Shirt, and String Tie: Found by my dad
H Bar C Pants: Antique Alley, Portland, Oregon
Belt: ???
Shoes: Re-Mix
Brooch: Match Accessories

Dapper Day!

Over the weekend I got to attend my first Dapper Day at Disneyland! And it was both amazing and overwhelming! But first, what is Dapper Day? Dapper Day is a twice yearly “unofficial” (as Disney has no part in the planning) event that happens at three Disney parks; Disneyland, Walt Disney World, and Disneyland Paris. While each park has different days throughout the year, each park has it twice a year, and it is simply a day where Guests are encouraged to dress, you guessed it, “dapper”. Now, personally, nearly every day is Dapper Day for me, but it’s nice to have a dedicated day to go to the park and see so many other well dressed people!

While this was my first Dapper Day (between not visiting during one, and working while it occurred after the move) this one meant a lot and required a special outfit. Some of you might recall my post, Ribbons for Sam, that was about a fundraiser to help my dear friend Samantha of Match Accessories, who was recently diagnosed with leukemia, and her family to make it to Dapper Day for the first time as Guests, as their previous visits during Dapper Day were as vendors at the Dapper Day Expo. And they made it! So, a HUGE thank you to helped make that happen! Their being there meant I really wanted to wear my special ribbon brooch for the event! So I planned my entire outfit around it.

The color orange and I typically don’t get along, so I have little of it in my wardrobe, and decided to simply accessorize with it, pairing it with more flattering green and white. Per usual, it was slated to be sunny, and just days before I thought about wanting to make a Shere Khan parasol, just because he’s one of my favorite villains. Patrick then mentioned, “Shere Khan is orange…” so I whipped up a Shere Kahn parasol as another orange accessory for the day.

Near the end of the day Match organized a meet-up so we could show our love and support for Samantha and her family, and we snapped a group shot, but there were so many people taking the photo that I swear at least a third of all who showed up are not in the shot!

As for the Dapper Day Expo, I came home with a few brooches, including ones from Match, yet another Mexican tourist jacket, and another pair of Re-Mix shoes. But I could have spent loads more!

How many of you have been to a Dapper Day at a Disney park? I know some of you have!

Jacket: Buffalo Exchange
Dress: Stray Cat Vintage, Fullerton, California
Belt: Belonged to my grandmother…I think…
Brooch: Courtesy of Match Accessories, thank you so much for including me!
Bangle & Scarf: ???
Shoes: Re-Mix
Shere Kahn Parasol: Made by me